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Take the Poker Gives Challenge

Challenge your friends, your family, your poker club, or your table-mates to raise money for Poker Gives. There are many ways to raise money and share with those in need. By throwing down the gauntlet to your poker buddies, you can have added competition at the table and raise money for some great charities.

Here are some suggested ways to challenge your friends and yourself:

Make prop bets where your friends and you have to put    money in a kitty for Poker Gives if you win with a 7-2, full-house, or hand-of-the-day.

Hold a tournament for your home game with a percentage of the prize pool going to Poker Gives.

Require a designated fee be paid by anyone who gets a penalty during play.

Take a designated amount out of each pot and put it aside for Poker Gives.

Poker Give Chip Take the Poker Gives Pledge and donate a percentage of your winnings.

Come up with your own unique challenges and share  them with us. We'll get the word out!

We all become winners as those in need benefit, and you'll get that great feeling of "making a difference." Whatever you choose to do, be it mainstream or a little off-the-wall, please toss out the idea and help make the world a better place one dollar at a time.