Poker Gives founders encourage poker players to "Give Back"


Mike Sexton
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Jan Fisher - Bio
Lisa Tenner
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Meet the Founders

The poker world is made up of many generous individuals who want to make a difference and give back.  Poker industry professionals, Mike Sexton, Linda Johnson, Jan Fisher, and marketing and event professional Lisa Tenner founded Poker Gives in 2008 to make it easier for poker players and the poker world to give back to worthwhile charity organizations

When creating Poker Gives, the founders recognized that many professional poker players want to give but don't know how.  It is time consuming to research charities and how to actually donate.  Mike, Linda, Jan, and Lisa wanted to make it easy to donate.  They wanted to offer poker fans, professional poker players, recreational poker players, and cardrooms an equal chance to donate.  Thus the creation of Poker Gives and an easy way to donate through the website, send a check,  play in a charity poker tournament or contribute through other Poker Gives charity events.

In addition to donating your money to worthwhile charities and organizations, the four founders donate their time in many different ways. They donate coaching sessions and personal items for poker fundraisers and charity tournaments.  They also make every effort to attend as many of the charity poker events as possible to meet the donors and recipients.

As founder Linda Johnson stated in a Card Player interview, "I think that giving makes you feel good.  It's almost selfish when you give something because the joy that it brings you is very rewarding."