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Lisa Tenner and Jan Fisher Give Back
LIPS Charity Poker Tournament
Mike Sexton at Poker Gives Charity Event

Get Involved with Poker Gives

Lisa Tenner - "Poker Gives was created to generate charitable endeavors that provide aid and support for those in need.  If this organization can be an inspiration to all those who enjoy the game of poker and for the institutions who support the players, then we can all be proud knowing that we are helping others."

Would you like to get involved with Poker Gives?  We welcome it!

There are a variety of ways to be involved....

Take the Poker Gives Challenge and donate a percentage of your annual poker winnings and/or annual profits or set up a monthly donation to Poker Gives.

Host or play in a Charity Poker Tournament

Organize or be the high bidder at Poker Gives Charity Auctions

Host or attend private or public events such as Celebrity Poker Tournaments, casino or cardroom Poker Gives Fundraisers or designated poker charity events

Want to host a fundraiser or poker charity event for Poker Gives?Simply contact us to discuss your fundraising ideas!

Poker Gives accepts donations from any individual or group wishing to contribute to this wonderful charity.  If you are interested in holding a fundraiser to benefit Poker Gives, please contact and let her know the details of your event.  Remember, your donation is tax-deductible.