Poker Gives Charity Poker Event
The Poker World is made up of many generous individuals.


Jan Fisher, Linda Johnson, Sassy Richey from Poker Gives
Mike Sexton, Linda Johnson, Lisa Tenner Poker Players Charity Tournaments
Jan Fisher, Lisa Tenner, Linda Johnson Support Poker Charity

Thank You

Thank you to our donors, sponsors, and contributors:

It's been said, "One person can make a difference, but a community can change a life."

The community of our patrons and sponsors has enabled us to work as a team to make a change in the lives of those who are benefiting from contributions made through our organization, Poker Gives.  It is with deep gratitude that we at Poker Gives thank each and every one of you who has enabled our growth this past year through our National Poker Month, our silent charity auction, at our booths that have been hosted by partners in our philanthropic endeavors, or by any other means of donation.  We could not have made positive changes in people's lives without your generosity and support.  On behalf of all of us at Poker Gives, may you have a wonderful year and continue to be part of the Poker Gives family.

Mike Sexton, Linda Johnson, Jan Fisher, Lisa Tenner, and Sassy Richey.  We love and appreciate each of you and thank you for your generosity.

A special thank you to Roznik Media Enterprises for designing our new website and Lupe Soto of LIPS for her many years of web contributions.